Bedcoin Social Club

Bedcoin Social Club

Why Join ?

Bedcoin Social Club is the organization of the Bedcoin Community - forming the Bedcoin family of friends, advocates, investors, holders, enthusiasts, associates, fans & fan sites & other Bedcoin related activities & cool people brought together by and in association with Bedcoin.

Why Bedcoin Social Club ?

As an organization grows it needs ways of communication with it’s community and a social gateway for it’s enthusiasts to have a source of information, point of contact, access to any question, events and latest news to keep in touch and reach contact persons. As we grow - we grow together and the Bedcoin Social Club is the needed organization for the Bedcoin community as we grow together through grassroots phases to a matured organization.

What type of people can we expect to meet in the Bedcoin Social Club

People related to Bedcoin are usually super cool people with affinities towards real estate, accommodation, the sharing economy, tech, crypto currency & investment in general. People that understand how the new economy is moving and how important it is to make right steps when it comes to investments for the future and the amazing utility that Bedcoin brings to the world.

What is Bedcoin’s mission ?

Beds work for you

To enable Real Estate Global Investments & traveling Digitally - Bedcoin is here to revolutionize the Real Estate & Accommodation markets - making it easy for the world wide web surfers to join hands and venture in amazing groundbreaking real estate & accommodation investments

The core of Bedcoin gravitates around shaping real estate and accommodation projects by the voice of the client and customer satisfaction levels. Bedcoin allows everyone to be a real estate investor

Not a Bedcoin holder yet? Join the Bedcoin community and stay connected to amazing people behind one of the world’s most amazing projects - a huge global project and share amazing ideas, benefits and opportunities.

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