Bedcoin founders on The Scaredy Cat Investor show again

Bedcoin cofounders jumps on The Scaredy Cat Investor Show again

Vlad and Filip went live at the The ScaredyCat Investor Show for part 2 to follow up with celebrity author host Mitchell Jaworski on the progress at Bedcoin.

As an amazing crypto currency real estate start-up aiming high to change / facilitate the way people do global real estate investment and travel in short a tokenization of real estate and accommodation.

Few month passed since Bedcoin kicked off and went live first time on the show so Vlad , Filip and Mitchell went live to follow up on the reached milestones in a short period of time, future challenges in short and overall approach of how the project is going.

BEDCOIN was presented to the world at the Romania Blockchain Summit 2019

Only few month after the team started to back-end the project BEDCOIN went live in pre ICO phases and was introduced to the world public at RBS2019.

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Bedcoin at RBS2019

Project was amazing well presented and received as a result Bedcoin management is now in talks with multiple exchanges to prepare IEO(initial exchange offerings) and seeding a global community to prepare for it properly.

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Bedcoin is an official supported by Trust Wallet.

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ScaredyCatInvestorShow Premier - Bedcoin is few days away from reaching MVP level

News went public for the first time during the ScaredyCatInvestor Show - Withing the next days Bedcoin will have a minimum viable product. Bedcoin holders will be able to book soon accommodations in downtown Bucharest using Bedcoins.

As Bedcoin Team seeks Venture Capital and Institutional Investors for their grassroots phase - reaching MVP level is important and this milestone soon to come was presented at the ScaredyCatInvestorShow. As Bedcoin will go online with the features so will a heavy promotion of the concept will follow up for both the location and achievement unlocked.

Bedcoin mission remains to change and facilitate the way people invest in global real estate and travel by bringing together the best of both worlds both real estate and blockchain technology to lift all barriers and solve all problems that arise in the sectors. It is estimated that the products developed and services can be globally scaled as it is a global project made to revolutionize the way people invest in global real estate and travel.

All the above milestones have been checked, discussed and analyzed during the show between Mitchell and the Bedcoin Team and we ended like always with a positive vibe, more thirst for crypto currency and the way it’s shaping the world we live in and we can’t wait to be back on the Scaredy Cat Investor Show for more updates on the Bedcoin project - always well received and with an amazing nice public.

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