Bedcoin at The Romania Blockchain Summit 2019

Bedcoin Founders pitch at Romania Blockchain Summit

As Bedcoin Founders Vlad Mavrodin and Filip Kalebo pitch at Romania Blockchain Summit in impressive fashion - Bedcoin as a new crypto currency asset is introduced to the large public and it’s amazing features revealed. The best features of real estate and best of the crypto world will fusion to create the first ever crypto real estate institution focused 95% on BnB and accommodation projects which makes Bedcoin a tokenization of BnB.

Bedcoin - The first crypto currency asset backed by Real Estate - via an Investment Portfolio

The crowdfunded money obtained by selling the 500 000 000 000 limited amount of Bedcoins to the large public will be invested in an investment portfolio focused 95% on central accommodation real estate creating the first crypto currency real estate institution. We are talking about a coin backed by real value - real estate.

Amazing Utility Functions of Bedcoin on it’s Platform

Profit Sharing function from the Investment Portfolio

Once project is matured Bedcoin holders will be able to register on the platform, the profits from the real estate investment portfolio transformed in Ethereum and sent to the Bedcoin holders Ethereum address - An amazing utility function which the Bedcoin holders will have in time from the first crypto currency real estate institution - profit sharing as a form of redistribution and the only way to access the platform will be using Bedcoins as an amazing utility.

World Traveling will be enabled like never before

In Areas where Bedcoin will develop - Bedcoin is planning to keep a number of accommodations units to be accessed and booked by guests only using Bedcoins and in terms and conditions of from 50% to 80% less compared to market. For example if an average economic bnb studio in New York is about 100 USD - Bedcoin is planning to offer 3 or 4 stars Bedcoin accommodation units at 20 USD but only available to Bedcoin Holders - in this way enabling traveling like never before by making it more affordable to the global public.

Direct Democratic Voting announced to be implemented on the Bedcoin platform

Going hand in hand with total transparency - Bedcoin holders will benefit in time to a transition to a direct democratic voting system regarding the steps, management and the evolution of the future shaping crypto currency real estate institution. Bedcoin holders will be able to vote and get involved in the development of the platform.

Bedcoins are now available to sell on at


In Pre IEO/ICO Phases at an amazing 75% discount compared to future targeted marketing price. Bedcoin team is creating massive incentives in limited marketing phases for early bedcoin holders to whom we recommend Trust Wallet easy to configure as Bedcoin is available in the token list of supported cryptocurrencies.