starting bedcoin

Bedcoin Project launch

Filip Kalebo and Vlad Mavrodin - the cofounders of Bedcoin - first made contact with each other via Airbnb (amazing) in the late night of May 18th 2018 when Filip booked one of Vlad’s Flats for a business trip with his friends in Bucharest, Romania in late june of 2018.

Post check-in formalities which went easy and swift the two never spoke again until Filip returned to Bucharest in February 2019 - in Vlad’s new downtown studio for another 4 days scheduled business visit which ended up staying longer - however this time Filip was staying on the 7th level in one of Vlad’s new downtown studios in the same building as Vlad’s office (level4).

Being in the same building it was not much until the two interacted often as they both discovered sharing love for coffee, pizza and late working hours (when asked how they make their project works - the two joke about it laughing “a lot of coffee”). So there you have the mix - a self made state of the art computer programmer and crypto enthusiast in the same room with a self made real estate business developer, accommodation expert and sharing economy advocate it was not much until the late hours pizza, fun and coffee sessions between the host and his guest turned into the most amazing venture they could dive into - Bedcoin - the crypto real estate investments revolution - start and shape the most amazing cryptocurrency project at a global scale - project fueled by the cofounders vision, mission, passion, hard work and enthusiasm - what better way for the 2 to put their skills to the test and in the works for millions of bedcoin holders to be across the world and the world wide web - a perfect fit for two people with the experience record of the Bedcoin cofounders.

In the next 2 months of remote backending works and Bedcoin is ready to see the lights of the market at the end of April 2019. A project to push real estate investments and accommodation to new heights. A project with a pure and noble mission that started with Airbnb one of the world’s sharing economy market leaders.

What is Bedcoin and what does it do

Bedcoin is a cryptocurrency with unique features. Bedcoin will invest the money obtained from ICO phases into a real estate and accommodation investment portfolio which will backup the coin. Bedcoin holders will receive profit sharing from the Bedcoin investments via the platform in this way making every cryptoholder a real estate investor with a limited coin designed to grow in market value. Bedcoin is this way the first cryptocoin to be backed by real value (real estate) since the gold standard. Bedcoin investments willl take shape of stellar real estate & accommodation consumer voice driven projects providing an engine of economic growth and prosperity to its holders and to the world as every inovation market cycle did almost every decade in the modern investment history.

Due to it’s architecture Bedcoin is an amazing crypto asset with all the properties of a coin that makes it’s holder a real estate investor as well in an institutional environment designed to increase the value of the coin and it’s holder’s benefits having a coin backed by real value.

Amazing news is to be expected post April 2019 from Bedcoin.Global as Bedcoin is set to rock the world of crypto real estate & accommodation investments with a new cryptocurrency that aims to gain in market cap in the upcoming years 5 times the value of the current top 10 cryptos because of it’s amazing features making it a tool/asset to hold for both crypto enthusiasts and real estate & financial professionals.