First payment made with Bedcoin

First payment done with Bedcoin

The first payment using Bedcoin - Taddeo the man behind the Bedcoin logo

At the verge of Bedcoin seeing the light of the market, we can talk as well about The First Payment using Bedcoin. The First payment using Bedcoin was received by Mr. Taddeo Moise – Architect and CEO of Eclectarte Architecture& Interior Design Studio and founder of Aetera Artography and more- ConceptArt brand. During project backending, Bedcoin was scouting for a talent in the arts of design and architecture to design the future Bedcoin logo. Vlad knew Taddeo from highschool so 13 years after high school graduation Vlad reached out to Taddeo to design the Logo of the future revolutionary crypto real estate institution. Probably most amazing part of the story is that the 2 old friends never spoke since high school. The synergy the 2 had lead to Taddeo designing a flawless logo to overcome all expectations on the beneficiary’s side.

Designing the Bedcoin logo was no easy job Initially Vlad and Filip contracted Taddeo for the Bedcoin logo having the payment agreement on both sides for 10 000 bedcoins as we considered a 10 000 EUR worth job in designing the logo of Bedcoin as a crypto. Designing the Bedcoin logo was no easy job. Vlad, Filip and Taddeo agreed on a set of principles and fundamental vectors (design directions) for the logo and Eclectarte had to come up with 3 variants in order for the parties to agree and choose one to go forward with. Time passed, the design theme set for the 3 variants lead to a dead end as parties felt something was missing even if fundamental directions have been respected. Facing a dead end , it was Taddeo’s way of being on top of things, leadership, professionalism, creativity, talent and unparalleled innovation that lead Eclectarte to create the perfect logo for Bedcoin. The job was so well done, Taddeo studied the signification of every colour and every shape behind the logo and it’s motives - he was the perfect man for the job - and the result is flawless. Bedcoin received the perfect logo. Taddeo Moise, Eclectarte’s CEO received 100 000 Bedcoins for logo design Bedcoin management decided to award Taddeo with a payment 10 times compared to what was agreed as the end result exceeded all expectations. As Bedcoin kicked off with a perfect image - Taddeo received 100000 bedcoins for the job - making not just an amazing job and proof of talent but history for receiving the first bedcoin payment ever. Bedcoin is not just about a mission but the people around it - the people that make things work So we would like to highlight to the world wide public the man behind the Bedcoin logo and his unique set of skills

Bedcoin: How’s day by day business at Ecletarte what do you guys usually deal with?


At Eclectarte’s studio, we create impressive designs for residential and public
spaces, as well as villas, showrooms and office spaces. We like to be in a continuous search to find
the best design there is, for our clients needs and as a multidisciplinary team we always achieve
great results no matter how hard our task is. We like to quote Paul Rand, as he describes in the best
way what we like to do day by day “
“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so
simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”

Bedcoin: Tell us about Aetera - your new project what is the direction of the project and what can we expect from it in the near future?


Aetera – Artography & More-began in 2013, in Budapest, as an idea that was in
continuous methamorphosis and I think that this art based project will continue to
rise at it’s best for years to come because the whole concept is to gather the only
talented young artists all together in order to create unique and experimental
designs and act as one powerful entity. Aetera is and will be a brand that will
promote Conceptual Art & Architecture designs that are unique and unforgettable.

What it meant for you and how was the impact of the world of crypto to the eyes of a young designer ? Did you always know that the first 3 variants where never going to work and you kept the 4th one Taddeo Style for last or you just went with the flow ?


Designing the Bedcoin logo was a wonderful experience just because that’s
how it was. I really enjoyed learning about the whole concept behind the meaning of
this “revolutionary crypto real estate institution.”Studying and working on new great
ideas it’s what I’m good at. I always spend a couple of days to study before doing
anything. I think this way the result is always at it’s best because this is the greater
synergy of them all. A great design comes from understanding the clients needs and
demands and merging them together into creating something remarkable. I was no
stranger to the field of crypto but I can always spot when a great concept will
change the way we think of it all. I embraced the thinking behind Bedcoin and all
the hard work that was put together by Vlad and Filip in order to create something
unique,so it’s easy to understand why I wanted to make the best out of it. I
proposed a way of working on the logo and I still think that it was the best
approach. Just because I’m a proactive fellow I knew right from the start that I will
make several logo’s respecting the brief but also I needed a backup to adjust my
own way of thinking and adapt the whole concept with the help of Vlad and Filip and
create what is now the emblem of Bedcoin – a powerful logo with best chromatic
choices that state the obvious, Security at it’s best, innovation and 100%
To sum it all I would like to thank Vlad and Filip for giving me the opportunity to be
part of this amazing and revolutionary system and to be the one to design the
Bedcoin logo. It was as you might have guessed a great collaboration between the
client and the designer.This is what any designer dreams of!

Bedcoin: What should we expect from your projects in the future what direction are you aiming to take Eclectarte to and Aetera ?


As you might have guessed I aim high and I will work hard to achieve the
best results as I can think of on both grounds.