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0, What is the major difference between Bedcoin and other currencies?

The value of Bedcoin is backed up by the dividends payed out as well as the ownership of the property of the mother company. If you look at various government backed fiat currencies such as the Swedish krona the value of the currency is reputational based backed up by the countries legal relationships as well as the countries import and export of goods. The bad part about a currency like a government/state backed fiat currency is that there is no real value backing it up such as an asset. When the Swedish Krona will loose it’s value like all other several thousand fiat currencies throw time. The state will relay on its Asset currency, with other words its gold supply which holds real value as an asset. So when you own Bedcoin you hold a currency of tomorrow. It’s value being backed by the realestate revenue. Much like a share in a company.

Why is Bedcoin a crypto currency?

In order to avoid a centralized structure where only one authority controls where the Bedcoin is stored and the ownership of those Bedcoins. With the help of modern technology Bedcoin is able to be send to anyone from anyone, This gives the owner true ownership of the currency.

1, Is Bedcoin.Global platform ready ?

Bedcoin.global platform is under development and will probably start being able sell Bedcoins to the broad online public in from 4 to 5 weeks as of May 2019. Meanwhile we are also developing a network of World Bedcoin Associates, Partners and Representatives to educate and help promote and develop the Bedcoin organisation. Partners will also be able to sell Bedcoins and most likely with amazing terms and conditions

Regarding all the functions of the Bedcoin.Global platform there is no timeframe for all functions to be implemented as our project is not a normal one. It is historically the most daring crypto-real estate project, biggest and therefore implementing it and all it’s functions will take time. Bedcoin aims to Become both a Leading Crypto Asset and a Leading Accommodation Real Estate Player at the same time targeting a Market Cap in the years to come of over 500 Bil EUR. This should give you an ideea of the size of Bedcoin as a World Stage Project and all the phases it has to go through, grow in order to reach status of a Mature Project - A project groundbreaking and challenging in every aspect.

2. How will future Bedcoin Holders Pay and how will they have their payment secured and ownership of Bedcoin.

We recommend that you follow our wallet recommendation guide you can find at this blog

3. What percentage of end of year dividends will a Bedcoin holder receive and how is it calculated ?

Becoin as the organisation managing the investments portfolio backing up the value of our coin - will distribute profits (profit sharing) to crypto owners based on % crypto owned out of the total mass crypto available (500 000 000 000).

In target Bedcoin desires to reach a level of yields superior to the average real estate market.

It is uncertain when the platform & organization will be ready and ready to distribute profit sharing as a mechanism - also the minimum amount has to be an amount worth transactioned (above costs of transaction) - because this is a grassroots project of a size the markets never seen before. So it will not move fast. It will be a sluggish process.

The reason the crypto holders never lose money when it comes to profit sharing even if it is done or not it s because in case there is a profit to share and it s not redistributed it means it goes in the investment portfolio and organisation development which is something the crypto holders benefit in crypto value.

It falls all into management decision.

4. Sales manager - contract - how we choose

Read the whitepaper section 4