Bedcoin on The Scaredy Cat Investor show

Bedcoin cofounders gets on The Scaredy Cat Investor Show

Tuesday May 14th Bedcoin Team went Live on The Scaredy Cat Investor Show hosted by Mitchell Jaworski author of Investing in Rental Properties.

Team had an electric vibe and so was shifting the gears of the show going back and forward on the Bedcoin’s mission and Whitepaper with an experienced real estate investor and jurnalist as Host.

Filip Kalebo and Vlad Mavrodin Bedcoin cofounders got interviewed by ScaredyCatGuide - Mitchell Jaworski - Host of The Scaredy Cat Investor Show

Having someone with Mitchell Jaworski experience guiding the interview and key points on the project , it was easy for the team to highlight how Bedcoin plans to stand up and make a difference in the global real estate investments scene using crypto.

As stated on our website and whitepaper

Bedcoin as a digital asset - i shere to enable Real Estate Global Investments Digitaly - Bedcoin is here to revolutionize the Real Estate & Accommodation markets - making it easy for the world wide web surfers to join hands and venture in amazing groundbreaking real estate & accommodation investments and share profits with the click of a button.

The core of Bedcoin gravitates around shaping real estate and accommodation projects by the voice of the client and customer satisfaction levels. We are obsessed with listening to our clients voice & we are adamant when it comes to the importance of high customer satisfaction levels regarding our products and services - and this is exactly what we wanted our show audience to understand and get feedback on.

We had a great time so time flew on the show really fast because when few crypto and real estate enthusiats get toghether they can talk endlessly about what fuels their passion and having our project put on the table and amazing vibes we ended the show on such positive notes and we look forward to be back in the upcoming months.

Thank you Mitchell Jaworski for the invitation and having us on the set! Looking forward to go live again toghether!