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You can now BUY BEDCOIN online

You can buy BEDCOIN online at

Major milestone reached on’s roadmap - You can now buy BEDCOIN online in beta version on the bedcoin platform at in the first marketing PRE ICO phase.

Both payments by credit card and crypto are accepted.

For any inquiry or troubleshooting people can address info at or or

Where can I buy Bedcoins ? Where can I get Bedcoins from ?

At anyone can purchase Bedcoins online and become Bedcoin holders.

Holder benefits for holders purchasing in first marketing pre ICO phase.

Limited pre ICO phase one

At Bedcoin we treat our future holders with great consideration . Nut just that we designed an amazing crypto with amazing beenfits and utilities but we thought as well to offer amazing benefits to holders purchasing early. In limited pre ICO phase one, limited to roughly 6 months or 10 000 000 coins sold, Bedcoin holders can purchase Bedcoins at an amazing price of 0.25 eur / Bedcoin meaning a limited once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase with a 75% discount from ICO phase (scheduled for 2021). Bedcoin aims to engage online token sales in 4 pre ICO phases. Due to the major discounts offered, the first Bedcoin holders can have most benefits.

It is only normal to offer maximum incentives to early buyers.

A first open invitation to Big , Sovereign & Institutional Investors - Investment Banks, Venture Capital & Angel Investors.

Being an organisation in grass roots phases we can use a strategic investor to catalyse our development. We are ready to offer amazing terms and conditions for deals that will benefit both the organization our partners and the crypto and Bedcoin communities.

Learn more about Bedcoin Overview & The Team & Mission & Principles at

Start to Buy Bedcoins at and become a Bedcoin holder part of the Bedcoin Family in Bedcoin’s mission to form the first crypto real estate institution and change the way we invest in real estate and travel globally.