The Bedcoin Ultimate Travel Guide to Bucharest

The Bedcoin Ultimate Travel Guide to Bucharest

As the team at Bedcoin gets ready to launch first
accommodation listings and facilitate traveling
to Bucharest we put up together the Bedcoin Ultimate
Travel Guide to Bucharest.

Honestly the best things to do in Bucharest
are partying and the local cuisine.

Bucharest is worldwide known for its vibrant nightlife.
Visitors can choose from a wide variety of bars and
clubs from the crowded streets of downtown old town
stacked with bars clubs and restaurants one next to the other to the exclusive clubs in the north side of town.

The high density of restaurants downtown with a local
background historically excelling at doing their job
makes eating out affordable and greatly diverse.
Sometimes it is cheaper to eat in the city compared to cooking at home.

Restaurants Visitors Love

Among Restaurants in the top visitors preference we can count Old Town’s Caru Cu Bere on Stavropoleos Street and
Hanul Lui Manuc on Franceza Street for an amazing
local cuisine experience.

Go for any menu selection in the specialties list you will not regret it.

Restaurant Hacks

You might want to give a shot too to Les Burgeois on Smardan Street (Also in old town)
and Trattoria Buongiorno on Rosetti Street (downtown next to university square).
Les Burgeois for a very refined and fine dining cuisine and Trattoria for
some really nice lunch menus and great pizza.
Talking about pizza and Italian kitchen lovers you can also
try Il Peccato restaurant on Franceza Street and The Pasta Restaurant
on Calea Victoriei.
For a super nice traditional experience you can also try
La Mama Restaurant on street Episcopiei 9 and a local traditional
Moldavian chain La Placinte.
For a place with amazing soups try Ciorbe si Placinte on street Balcescu.

Best Burger in Bucharest

If you love a good burger there is one place to go Burger Van Bistro!

How to eat a lot with from 5 to 6 euro roughly.

With a lot of restaurants in town, food is cheap.
Drinks are more expensive at restaurants so if
you want keep it on a budget, just order smart many restaurants and many local chains have lunch
and dinner menus.
Keep an eye for the smart menus.
Or daily menus as some of them call it.
Usually you can get for from 5 to 6 euro 2 dishes
entrance dish and main dish some even offer
dessert with it.
Or just order a pizza.

Take economy to a new level - sharing is caring

Travel in 2 at least ? Sharing is caring share the daily menu (1 person takes dish 1 and 1 person takes dish 2)
or share a pizza. You can always share a pizza.
And that’s how you get away with 3 euro per person.
Drinks are local small markets or big supermarkets are
super cheap. Drinks are only expensive at restaurants.
So order your food and get your drinks after you finished eating.
You will save a lot of money on your trip.

Eat cheap and good in Bucharest

You will be amazed how cheap you can eat at local fast food places
especially the ones that are not so mainstream - for example with
about 3 euros you can get a complete menu at
La Baiatu Fast Food at the intersection of Mendeleev street with
Piata Amzei street.
And that’s about as cheap as a good kebab will get downtown.
And the best part they are opened almost 247.

What to see in Bucharest

Go for a walk from Unirii Square to Romana Square via University Square
on Balcescu - Magheru and Calea Victoriei Streets.
Every major place here is marked by a square even if small one.
Stop to take a photo close downtown at the Palace of the
Parliament but do not lose your time to visit it’s just
an empty place - a selfie in front of the huge place is worth it.


There is a lot of museums in town: Antipa Museum The National Art Museum
the Peasant Museum and the Village Museum.
And many more but we do not really recommend
more then Antipa and the Art Museum.

Many shopping centers but really the nicest to visit and go shopping
are AFI Palace and Baneasa Shopping Center.
If you want to go shopping downtown there s always Unirea Shopping Center.

The place to relax and do nothing - if you really want to relax
in the most amazing way try Therme Bucharest a place to go relax
and do nothing a huge indoor spa.
There is a free bus from Romana Square to Therme as well.
Another amazing place to book a spa session is the Shakti Center.

Bucharest is also filled with a lot of nice parks like Tineretului Park
and Parcul Circului where you can see the turtles swimming in the water.


The amazing show starts around midnight.
So plan to hit the clubs and bars for a night crawl around midnight.
Don’t do it before midnight because everybody is in chill mode
until midnight.

From midnight it goes crazy.

The place you want to be in old town is Selari Street the party street, Lipscani and Smardan street the night triangle.

What to expect: a non stop party every night almost with an amazing show display.

It is on the streets of old town at night that you will understand why Bucharest is also named Little Paris or The European Las Vegas. (gambling is also allowed in Bucharest the Radisson Hotel Casino is famous for this and Casinos on Calea Victoriei street).

Start your Bucharest Old Town Adventure on Selari Street.

Places we recommend:

Wally’s Club & Lounge for the great vibes always
warm welcome and a talented bar man with super
creative and nice shots and cocktails.
Wally’s always puts on a great party and it’s
located exactly at the entrance of Old Town.

S Club is the hottest place in old town.
It is busy most of the time and for good reason
the Team at S Club puts on the most amazing
show - a team of nightlife professionals that
take partying like crazy all night to the highest of levels.
Probably the most visited place and most talented
team in old town at the moment.

Amsterdam Pub

A small Bar in old town on Selari but with amazing
atmosphere and a great show. Entourage of cool and nice people.
One of the nicest places to watch a nice show , enjoy
great music - great people and relax.
Best nights are Friday night and Saturday night.

Sinners a cool place with warm welcoming staff
as well on the party street. Music is always good and it’s
team make a nice party every time. Bartenders can get
creative if asked to. Always a cool place to crash by
for a drink a coffee or a good party after midnight.

Strip Clubs One of the famous Strip Clubs in town
is XS Club next to McDonald’s in Romana Square.

The Best and hottest Strip Club in Town is the newly
opened Sing Sing Strip Club on Smardan Street.
With an amazing design team and amenities Sing Sing Club
promises an amazing nightlife strip club experience on
Smardan Street in old town as they describe themselves
as being a Jail House for hot women a must see
experience when passing by Old Town’s nightlife experience.

Make your best out of Bucharest!

And Enjoy What Bucharest offers best relaxation partying and eating.

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