About Bedcoin

Bedcoin is tomorrows way of owning realestate

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General BEDCOIN Overview

Overview & The Team

Bedcoin is a cryptocurrency founded by Filip Kalebo and Vlad Mavrodin that started in February 2019 & went public in Pre ICO Phases in April 2019.

Bedcoin ICO is a Major Event planned to take place on 31st March 2021.

On the background of a dynamic & turbulent market empowered by technology and sharing economy principles trends like never before - Bedcoin is here to revolutionize the Real Estate & Accommodation markets. What sets Bedcoin apart from most of the other cryptocurrencies is it’s Mission & Team and that it is backed by real estate and it is the only crypto coin that is offering yearly profit shares from it’s crowdfunding mechanism - facts that make Bedcoin an exclusive limited amazing asset.       

Filip Kalebo

Cofounder & CEO
Technologist, Programmer, Cryptocurrency Advocate  

Vlad Mavrodin

Cofounder & CEO
“What I love about Airbnb & Hosting in general is that it combines my passion of working with Real Estate and my love for people.”
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Amazing Airbnb Host +2222 reviews when Bedcoin kicked off, Genius & Innovative Business Developer, Sharing Economy Visionary  

Mission & Principles


To enable Real Estate Global Investments Digitally - Bedcoin is here to revolutionize the Real Estate & Accommodation markets - making it easy for the world wide web surfers to join hands and venture in amazing groundbreaking real estate & accommodation investments and share profits with the click of a button.

The core of Bedcoin gravitates around shaping real estate and accommodation projects by the voice of the client and customer satisfaction levels. We are obsessed with listening to our clients voice & we are adamant when it comes to the importance of high customer satisfaction levels regarding our products and services.    

Being part of Bedcoin and join venture in this amazing digital asset will not represent only the normal step to make following the changes in our modern economy and it s principles but also to be part of an amazing project which will deliver very fast amazing revolutionary tangible real estate results with an extremely satisfied client base - results and actions that will gradually empower and unleash the full

potential of our generation , mission, community and most of all what sets Bedcoin aside from all other crypto and that is profit share. Bedcoin will on a yearly basis provide profit share to it s holders from it s investments.

Actions and facts that will only increase it s value and render limitless horizons for Bedcoin.  


  • Be Honest & Fair

  • Be 100% Transparent and report clearly on a monthly basis.

  • Understand that everybody is unique in the team and never expect your teammates to come in shaped by organisation standards.

  • Help each of your teammates to everyday become his or hers best version.

  • Appreciate endlessly your colleagues for joining Bedcoin family after all someone s time is the most valuable thing one has to offer.

  • Promote hard work, innovation, ideas, dedication, passion, results and leadership.

  • Work relentless to push innovation and quality levels of our products and services always to new heights.

  • Always listen to consumer voice.  

  • Always help your team.  

  • Cultivate and educate the principles of the new economy the sharing economy to everybody and be a strong advocate for the benefits they bring in our day by day life and try your best to find and develop new ones.

How Does It Work

During Pre ICO levels & ICO stages

  • Currency owners Buy Bedcoin

  • We invest the obtained money in Amazing Real Estate & Accommodation Projects

As a result Bedcoin’s Portfolio grows

  • Every year Bedcoin holders get profit shares based on volume of Bedcoin held.

And so we push invest develop and take business to new heights with the  real estate investments that backup Bedcoin - Assets diversify and Shared Profits grow in value and so does the value of Bedcoin.

Important Notes

Bedcoin is a limited exclusive asset. Bedcoin will not issue new coins. The Initially issued Bedcoin are the only Bedcoins that will remain in circulation. Therefore with the right actions and limited supply the only direction the value of Bedcoins can go from it s ICO stage  is up.